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Prioritize Fun: A manifesto for those who want to enjoy life, not endure it, Paperback/Nanci Bergman

Prioritize Fun: A manifesto for those who want to enjoy life, not endure it, Paperback/Nanci Bergman

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Description Are we having fun yet?For most of us adults, the answer is sadly no. At some point, somewhere along the line, we stopped having fun. Oh sure, we crack a smile at the occasional joke or happy hour quip or vacation excursion. But let's be honest: These days, the best we can do for "fun" is sharing the latest meme and ... well, that's pretty much it. Ask yourself: Do you find it hard to remember the last time you really cut loose, did something daring, silly, or laughed so hard that beer came out your nose?Does all of your time and energy seem to be consumed with to-do lists, chores, responsibilities, and the never ending dramas playing out in news feeds?Do you find yourself looking at your hectic life and wondering why you're not happier?Do you forget what you like to do for fun or even remember that it's an option?Answer yes to any of these (or even maybe) and this book is for you. Prioritize Fun is a simple but very powerful idea. By having more fun - deliberately, purposefully, and with extreme prejudice - you become happier by default. Fun is that fundamental catalyst we're missing in our lives that makes happiness seem so elusive. And by actually prioritizing fun as much as we prioritize all of the other important things in our lives, we can finally find the joy we crave. It's pretty straightforward. If you want to lose weight, you prioritize what you eat. If you want to get fit, you prioritize workouts. If you want to retire early, you prioritize savings. Prioritize Fun is relatable self improvement for men and badass girls alike. It will make fun meaningful again and help you discover...The deeper reasons fun has disappeared from your life How to tap back into your own personal fun-jo Methods for creating new adventures as well as enjoying the magic in the ordinary No nonsense strategies for overcoming your doubts and choosing action How to live your fun every day, share experiences, and be part of the movement Unlike most self-help classics, Prioritize Fun
1444 produse

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