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Internal Recruitment: Getting The Basics Right, Paperback/Paul Myers

Internal Recruitment: Getting The Basics Right, Paperback/Paul Myers

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Why do we all get recruitment so wrong? There's no big secret to recruitment. It's simply the process of identifying a vacancy, analysing the requirements, attracting and engaging with talent, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting and hiring the best candidate. And yet, we seem to be somewhat incompetent at doing it. Through his own 20 years of experience, and talking with HR & business leaders, recruiters and recruitment managers, Paul Myers believes that general apathy, laziness and a misunderstanding of what's important in recruitment, has led to the current standards of recruitment. In today's world there is more and more frustration and anger experienced by candidates, and berating a recruitment as a profession, sometimes specifically recruiters and their companies on a regular basis has now become a sport. The education of recruiters, HR professionals and operational leaders / hiring managers has been replaced by an over indulgence in technology and tools that are designed to make the process more efficient. The introduction of Internet for making information and data widely available, AI for enhancing and speeding up the sourcing part of recruiting, and automated tools for creating and managing recruitment process more efficiently are a welcome addition however, it's clearly not working from the candidate perspective. Technology is not the key thing that makes you and your company successful in hiring talent, your people are In this book, you will learn how thinking and acting on the basic foundations in recruitment, will ensure better success in hiring talent for your business. Imagine what your business could achieve if you significantly increased your recruitment efficiency and performance. If you're a recruiter, recruitment leader, HR manager, or business leader / hiring manager, or anyone who is involved in the recruitment process, this book is for you.
17709 produse

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