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Flags, Capitals and Countries of the World: The Complete Handbook, Paperback/Wanderlust Press

Flags, Capitals and Countries of the World: The Complete Handbook, Paperback/Wanderlust Press

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Welcome to the Flags, Countries and Capitals Of The World: The Complete Handbook Last updated January 1st 2020 - page 38-39 - the top 10 facts restructured to top 12, along with some cosmetic improvements This all rounder world handbook is the perfect choice for you: AN EASY-TO-READ AND USEFUL FACTBOOK - Unlike most factbooks, we haven't bombarded this book with loads of facts and data that make finding simple facts like a country's population difficult. We have kept to order of countries logical and have a uniform layout for data to make it easy and quick for the reader to pull information from any country. SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES - This book was designed with younger readers in mind, so contains no unnecessary jargon or complex words, just lots of colourful flags and simply presented information that children can learn from and adults can use as reference and to supplement your child's understanding of the world. BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED COLOUR FLAG BOOK - Our handbook was designed to be a convenient size to carry in a school bag and fit in tight spaces on a bookshelf. We have used official flag pictures, and coloured world maps coupled with Amazon's premium printing services meaning your handbook will be nothing short of a visually aesthetic book. UP TO DATE TRANSPARENT INFORMATION - All data inside this book is a reflection of the latest data found from surveys and registries unless specifically stated inside the book. Information has come from both independent findings and government registries and findings (mostly for population).ONE OF OUR BEST SELLING BOOKS. The world flag book makes a great gift as well as a great addition to any library. Let us know your thoughts by leaving feedback or contacting us directly by clicking on the author details
12277 produse

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