Make your life easier by renting a home on the go with Fizbo.

To WHOM it addresses?

* TENANTS that want to move in a new city
* TENANTS that want to find the best home to rent in the city
* BUSY PROPERTY OWNERS who want to easily and quickly rent their place while they are on the go
* PROPERTY OWNERS who want to reduce their costs by renting without a real estate broker


Enjoy new places by booking an accommodation with Fizbo.

To WHOM it addresses?

* TRAVELERS who want to find an accommodation that is close to local attractions
* PROPERTY OWNERS who want to maximize their income by renting their homes as vacation rentals

Renting with FIZBO APP benefits

The platform gives you all the needed tools to directly get in contact with the owner or your potential guests. Did we mention that it's free?

* Free platform for homes and vacation rentals
* Directly find a home or accommodation to rent using the interactive map
* Search for a home or accommodation rental by location, price, rooms etc.
* Publish a rental in less than 2 minutes
* Manage your published rentals
* View rent details: pictures, contact, location, number of views etc.
* Directly contact the owner
* Share with your friends or family the home or apartment that you love
* Get directions to the property
* Save your favorite rentals
* Report abuse for a rental
* Anonymous access (doesn't require log in)